A LEGACY OF SUCCESS Jim Wilson & Associates, LLC (JWA) was founded in 1975 in Montgomery, Alabama, by real estate icon Jim Wilson, Jr. Since its inception, JWA has developed and managed a wide array of properties, including ClassAoffice buildings, hotels, residential communities and millions of square feet of premier shopping space. JWAhas ensured its enduring strength by placing a priority on diversification as well as by staying responsive to changes in the industry and in consumer preferences. In recent years, the knowledge and expertise gained through its broad range of outstanding real estate developments have generated new opportunities to complement its success with investments in start-up companies and unique business ventures. As a result, JWA’s services have expanded through the formation of partnerships and companies, including 42 Equity Partners, A & W Enterprises, LLC and JWA Ventures, LLC. Using the knowledge and experience gained through four decades of structuring ventures and moving real estate through every development stage, JWA brings its expertise to strategic investments in addition to its established base of real estate operations. Philanthropic commitment has long been an integral part of the Jim Wilson & Associates culture. Founder Jim Wilson, Jr. exemplified generosity in his support of the arts, athletics, education and health research. Today, his generous legacy lives on through the company’s continued support of various organizations. Among the most visible areas of philanthropy, the company donated the land for the James W. Wilson, Jr. Elementary School in Montgomery and an adjacent branch of the YMCA. JWA has also generously supported facilities additions to the campuses of Tulane University and Huntingdon College. Countless other philanthropic contributions have been made over the years as well, in keeping with this long legacy of giving. RETAIL | OFFICE | RESIDENTIAL | CAPITAL | HOSPITALITY | GAMING